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What Kids Are Learning

"Some girls have penises

  & some boys have vaginas."

What's happening in schools today is not only shocking and unethical, but in many cases is outright unlawful. School boards, administrators, and teachers routinely undermine parental authority, and introduce children to sex and gender information that is not only non-factual, but is also deliberately hidden from parents.

Medically Inaccurate Marketing of Discriminatory

Stereotypes & Gender Ideology to Kids as Young as 4 Years Old
-Ask Your Kids If They've Been Shown This at School-

  • Teachers are asked, "Is your room a safe space for LGB/TQ students?" If a teacher says, "Yes," s/he is given a GLSEN Safe Space sticker to put on the classroom door. What conscientious teacher would say, "No" to that question? This has been a cleverly successful campaign to get ever more gender industry marketing materials throughout school hallways.

  • The American School Counselors Association, the largest union for school counselors in the United States, directly advises their members to deceive parents(11) by using certain names and pronouns with children while using different names and pronouns with parents.

  • Schools are introducing gender theory not only in Family Life Education (FLE) classes, but throughout the core and elective curricula(12). The FLE opt-out letters that schools provide for parents only opt children out of the FLE program; these forms do not prevent children receiving training in gender theory during classes like English, math, and history.

  • School libraries and teachers' classrooms(13are being stocked with books and materials that present factually inaccurate sex and gender theory, which confuses children about their bodies and pressures them to believe they can change sex. These materials are being assigned as mandatory reading, and often include what can only be described as pornography.

  • Teachers are taught to evade FERPA(14) regulations by putting information about students' gender in personal notes, rather than official records, because teacher notes are privileged and inaccessible to parents.

  • School districts create policies that violate students' rights and protections.

This explicit material normalizing unhealthy sexual behavior is in school libraries around the country.

  • Outside organizations such as Planned Parenthood(15), the Human Rights Campaign(16) (the funding and lobby arm of LGB & TQ activism), and GLSEN(17(formerly the Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network) are creating packaged curricula and providing it at no cost to schools and classrooms, for the purpose of indoctrinating children in gender theory. These curricula packages undergo little or no review before being implemented in classrooms.

What can parents do?

  • Submit a Universal Opt-Out Letter to your school's principal and each teacher your child sees, explicitly outlining what you do and don't consent to. The letter template may be edited to your preferences. Keep a copy for your own files.

  • Demand that each of your child's teachers share his/her lesson plans and curricula with you prior to their use in the classroom. This Curriculum Request Letter may be modified to your needs. Keep a copy for your files.

  • Send a FOIA request to your school district(18). This is as easy as sending an email to your superintendent, principal, and/or teachers requesting whatever material you would like to see. For example, "I am submitting to you a Freedom of Information Act request to see all materials that teachers are using in my child's classroom to teach on sex and/or gender."

  • Consider writing an op-ed for a local(19) or  national(20) news outlet. PEC is happy to help you with submission guidelines and editing, if you would like some extra support.

  • Band together with other like-minded parents in your school.

  • Keep a close eye on your children's experiences at school, even if they're taking place in your living room. Today's public schools are not the ones we grew up in.

  • If your child is studying online, watch everything. Don't sign any agreements that you will not watch your child's classes. You cannot be forced to sign away your right to know what is happening in your child's classroom.















Our mission is to raise awareness and support efforts to stop the unethical treatment of children by schools, hospitals, and mental and medical healthcare providers under the duplicitous banner of gender identity affirmation. We believe that no child is born in the wrong body.

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