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Amazon Re-Lists PEC's Desist, Detrans, & Detox Parenting Book

It’s been quite a day.

Yesterday Amazon delisted PEC's new book for parents of transgender-identified children, and this morning PEC woke up to this email from Amazon:

PEC responded, and asked what Content Guidelines Amazon thought that our book violated.

Meanwhile, we shared the story with our friends and supporters across the world with these two blog posts:

Then around mid-day we received this enigmatic email from Amazon:

We set to work trying to figure out what possible territory dispute we might have become engaged in.

Meanwhile, people from around the world let us know that they were calling and emailing Amazon to protest Amazon's delisting of Desist, Detrans, & Detox.

Shortly after setting to work on the territorial matter, we received this apology from Amazon:

At this time Amazon has reinstated Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult, and it is no longer blocked or delisted. The Kindle version is up and running; we are still waiting for the paperback to be relisted, which can take up to 72 hours after publication.

Though Amazon seems to be pretending that this was all just an innocent mistake, we credit our supporters for the reinstatement of Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult. We have no doubt that Amazon's realization that it incorrectly suppressed our book was only due to our supporters' willingness to let Amazon know-- loudly and clearly-- that we do not support Amazon's censorship of books.

PEC family: YOU DID IT.

Gratefully, Partners for Ethical Care

Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult is shelved at the following retailers:


Partners for Ethical Care works to end the unethical medicalization of children by the gender industry. Contact Partners for Ethical Care at

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