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Erin is Taking It to the Streets

Partners for Ethical Care wants to thank all of you who donated to help get Always Erin published! Always Erin was released in late May and is available both on the PEC website as well as on Amazon. With donations, we were able to purchase 100 books that will be distributed to libraries, schools, media outlets, and legislators.

As part of this effort, PEC co-founder Erin Brewer is embarking on a two month long action, Always Erin: Taking It to the Streets. Erin will be starting her tour on the 17th of June after attending legislative hearings in Salt Lake City.

We are thankful for all the support we have gotten and are excited to get Always Erin to those who will benefit from it as well as the opportunity for Erin to share PEC’s work.

Her tentative itinerary is:

June 18 - Spending the night in Laramie Wyoming

June 19-21 - Denver Colorado

June 22-26 - Kansas

Late June - Meeting up with Skylar and The Ride in Kansas City for protest at gender clinic

June 30-July 4th - Dallas Texas to attend Jeff Younger’s hearing

July 5th-July 13 - Traveling through Texas to Alabama

July 14-18 - Port Charles Louisiana

July 19-24th - Heading back to Utah

Please contact us if you are in any of these areas and would like to schedule Erin to meet with a group or talk to legislators.

Erin will be posting regular updates about her travels on her personal Facebook page and on Twitter @ErinBrewerin


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