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Facebook Thinks Women Backing Each Other Up Is Hateful, But Pedophilia Is A-Okay

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

UPDATE (April 10, 2021): Facebook has re-enabled this group, with an apology for their error. Thank you for Facebook for doing the right thing.

Facebook recently disabled a private group--1000 Sisters Strong-- which I created about six months ago. The description of the group is self-explanatory: This group is to support our sisters who are standing up against the trans ideology. When one of our sisters is being piled on, we commit to back her up.

I felt this group was important as I saw women who posted innocuous statements such as “men who feel like they are women are men who feel like they are women not women” be piled on by trans activists. This group was a way of providing them with support.

When this group was disabled, I quickly created another group--1001 Sisters Strong--which Facebook disabled within twenty-four hours.

Granted, Facebook is a private company and has a right to maintain its own community standards. But it confounds me that a group for women to support each other was so heinous that it needed to be removed, while Facebook has no problem with groups such as Playground for Caregivers/Littles/Pets/Subs which sports the following picture as its cover image:

Facebook is similarly okay with the Daddy/Littles group, which has this cover image:

These are just two of dozens of easy-to-find groups that are specifically for those with pedophilic sexual fetishes.

Other groups exist specifically for those who want to violently harm women, as well as groups whose members are interested in committing sexual assault.

For some reason, Facebook is okay with groups that promote sexualizing children and assaulting women but they will not allow women to support each other.

I guess it isn’t surprising.

Time and again women’s posts are removed when they advocate for sex based rights but men who advocate for violence against women are not censored.


Erin Brewer is a partner with Partners for Ethical Care. Contact Dr. Brewer via

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