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“How Do I Protect My Kids at School?” Get Them Out, Or Go on the Offensive

Partners for Ethical Care increasingly receives messages asking, “How do I protect my kids at school? How can I prevent them from receiving messages about gender ideology?”

Short answer: You can’t.

Gender ideology is everywhere in schools. It’s on the walls, in the handouts, at school assemblies, brought in by outside speakers, funneled into the curriculum, and provided by the counseling department. It’s become the atmosphere of the entire school day in many places.

If you’re able to get your kids out and send them to a trustworthy private or parochial school, or better yet homeschool, we strongly encourage you to do so. Given what we know about public education, abandoning it in favor of better educational options makes sense, simply with respect to our kids’ general welfare:

  • U.S. schools rank unimpressively low internationally: 38th out of 71 countries in math and reading, and 24th in science.

  • Depression among kids is epidemic, increasing 59% (66% for girls and 44% for boys) between 2007 and 2017. “Academic and social pressures are among the reasons cited by experts who have studied teen depression.”

  • Many school systems and departments of education are lowering their academic standards rather than attempting to help students achieve higher standards. By lowering the bar, school districts then capture more lower-achieving students within their “high achievement” threshold, deceptively inflating the school’s ratings to appear to be more successful at educating students.[1]

But if your family is unable to withdraw your children and enroll them in a safer system, you’ll need to go on the offensive to protect your children’s minds, hearts, and bodies from the religion being taught to them at school: that one can have a gendered soul/mind that differs from one’s sexed body and that the soul/mind’s feelings take precedence over the embodied facts of biology.

Prepare Your Children to Receive Indoctrination

Brainwashing tactics are well-known, documented, and not hard to recognize when you know what you’re looking for. Clinical psychologist Natalie Feinblatt, PsyD, outlines how to avoid being taken in by brainwashing tactics, which are being employed against students in schools en masse:

1. Teach Your Children to Recognize Brainwashing Tactics

Cults utilize several very recognizable tactics to brainwash vulnerable people, which correlate one-to-one with gender industry strategies. Adolescence is perhaps the most vulnerable period of one’s life, when identity formation and cultural socialization are taking place. No one is impervious to indoctrination, but one is especially susceptible when emotionally, physically, or psychologically vulnerable.

Teach your children clearly and specifically what you believe about sex and gender. Tell them that they may be taught something different at school, and they may even be told that their parents are wrong, bigoted, phobic, and unsupportive. Make it clear to your children that people who say such things are already brainwashed and are not healthy or right.

2. Teach Your Kids to Identify the Already-Brainwashed

People who have been indoctrinated into gender ideology—adults and children—exhibit several obvious cult-recruit behaviors:

  • Groupthink: Everyone accepts and adheres to certain standards of belief and speech, and no questioning or critical thinking is permitted.

  • Thought-Stopping Techniques: Any challenge to the groupthink is met with thought-stopping techniques such as sloganeering and personal attacks:

“Trans women are women.”

“Children know who they are.”

“You’re a TERF (bigot, hater, transphobe, etc.)!”

  • Renunciation of Loved Ones: The in-group/out-group dichotomy is enforced to the point that recruits are encouraged/commanded to sever relationships with anyone who does not adhere to the groupthink.

3. Rinse Out the Brainwashing

Effective, tried-and-true strategies exist for pulling people out of cults, and gender cult recruits are no different:

  • Love your child fully. And let him or her know that even when you disagree, you still love each other deeply. The more parents can communicate and demonstrate love, the more obvious will become the gender cult’s lie that parents who don’t agree with the cult don’t love their children.

  • Ask hard questions sincerely. Challenge the doctrines of gender ideology. Gently point out, as if a curious bystander, contradictions and hypocrisies inherent in the religion. Try to get your child thinking critically again.

  • Cut off the trans juice. As much as possible, separate the child from those who are carrying out the brainwashing, and surround the child with those who will affirm truth and logic.

Finally, engage the school and those who are trying to indoctrinate your child into gender ideology.

  • Submit a Universal Opt-Out Letter to every teacher your child sees, as well as to the school counselor, principal, superintendent, and school board.

  • Submit a Curriculum Request to every teacher your child sees, and indicate that any books s/he will assign or offer in the classroom should first be approved by parents.

  • Go to school board meetings and utilize the open-comment time to demand that schools respect parental authority and abide by the Federal Education Rights & Protection Act.

  • Investigate other ways to help keep your child safe in school.

Gender ideology is a profitable industry, and it’s dug its talons into our schools and our kids. We’re unlikely to get it rooted out of the culture anytime soon, so parents must take the initiative to protect and shield their kids from this insidious predator seeking to medicalize them.

If Partners for Ethical Care can help you toward this end, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

You’re not alone, and all roads do NOT lead to the gender clinic.


Partners for Ethical Care (PEC) works to end the unethical medicalization of children by the gender industry. Contact PEC at

[1] (Virginia State Board of Education votes to lower reading standards on the statewide Standards of Learning test, from 1:08:25)

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