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Human Beings are Indeed Not Clownfish

*Below we share a Twitter thread with the permission of its author, Francis Aaron.(@FrancisAaronUK)

In a recent Twitter thread, musician and writer of philosophy, political thought & “gender codswallop”, Francis Aaron artfully debunked the straw-grasping argument that humans can change sex. Radical “trans” activists and many of their allies have equated the chemical and surgical alteration of human bodies through “gender medicine” to the natural variations in some non-dimorphic species.

Aaron’s 50 part tweet, quoted below and packed with the knowledge and common sense assessments that inspired his indie hit “Clownfish”, skillfully pulls at the loose threads of “Gender Ideology”. He walks readers through a brilliant and cheer-worthy dismantling of the common arguments made by boisterous members of the “TQ” (trans/queer) community.

Neither the selective hermaphroditism of the clownfish nor the myriad of other arguments made in favor of "gender" medicine hold any water. Francis Aaron has compiled an astounding amount of shocking information and scandalous truth in a single Twitter thread.

We hope you enjoy this informative and impactful thread as much as we did:


This is a song about the transgender experiment on children. Over the past 10 years, thousands of kids have been plugged into a medical matrix, wherein they're administered chemical castration agents, cross-sex hormones, and plastic surgery.

In Britain, a clinic was established in 1989 to treat children with “gender identity disorder”. The Gender Identity Development Service at Tavistock received 2 referrals in its first year. In 2009 it had 97 cases. By 2015 this increased to 1419, and by 2020 more than 2500.


In its first 2 decades, most referrals were male. But by 2016, the scales had tipped dramatically and three-quarters of referrals were girls. About half of those referred were shepherded into drug use. This pattern was replicated across the West. See @abigailshrier’s book.


In the US, referral data is scarce. But the rise in the amount of clinics providing “comprehensive transgender healthcare” is striking. Norman Spack opened a gender clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital in 2007. It was the first paediatric clinic of its kind in America.


Spack championed a treatment protocol called – “gender affirmation.” This framework had been inaugurated in Holland. Under it, clinicians were to ‘affirm’ a child’s self-declared identity outright. It was devised primarily for those with life-long cross-sex presentation.


It soon became the medical modus operandi in America, rolled out to any and all. Then as now, it was asserted that kids would commit suicide if their identities were not validated. “To give them time to think things over” – puberty would be suppressed.


The drugs selected to perform this task were developed to treat breast or prostate cancer. Such cancers need estrogen or testosterone to grow. These drugs – GnRH agonists – repress sex hormones, effectively chemically castrating the sufferer, but cutting off tumour growth.


They are used to treat perversion, paedophilia, and to diminish the sex drive in delinquents. They had also been deployed to delay precocious puberty in children who, for often unknown reasons, enter rapid sexual development at an extremely young age.


From here, it was thought they might help relieve the anguish of kids who were anxious about entering the “wrong” puberty. This program was peddled as a panacea. The UK adopted it in 2011, and other countries followed suit. The puberty suppression circus began.


“Puberty is optional!” – went the slogan. “Blockers are reversible!” – they howled. Did they have data to back this up? No. But there was data on possible side-effects: penile or vaginal atrophy, sex hormone deficiency, skeletal disfiguration, infertility, stunted growth.


Fast forward 14 years. From that first clinic in 2007, there are now 300+ child clinics in America alone. @GenderMapper aims to pinpoint where these clinics have sprung up. I was sceptical of the numbers at first. Then I trawled through the websites of hundreds of them.


Surgery is performed on minors. Take one: the clinic operated by Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy in Los Angeles. It provides double mastectomies, the slicing off of the breasts, to girls as young as 13. Here's their own report on it: –


Whilst the UK saw mass female referrals, there was an accompanying rise in the number of girls and young women seeking gender surgery in America. Here's data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons:


Girls and young women were set on a pathway towards hysterectomies (womb removal), oophorectomies (ovary removal), and phalloplasty (the extraction of skin from the forearm to be sculpted into a makeshift neo-penis) – all for an average cost of $150,000.


What spurred the surge in demand? Did a coterie of youngsters suddenly get in tune with who they truly were? Or did the trans-identity snowball happen to coincide with the proliferation of an online cult on Tumblr, YouTube, and Reddit?


In the early 2010s Tumblr emerged as a platform for ‘transition bloggers’ to record their drug and surgical adventures. It became the campfire around which the digital gender tribe gathered. One paper described it as “a trans technology.”


They would post updates on their activities: the drugs they were injecting, their emotional travails, their sexual proclivities, erotica (described as “an integral part of transition”) and all sorts of nutty stuff that would never have existed if not for the internet.


A decade before, these types of youngsters would have been on MySpace interpreting their pubertal body woes through the prism of ‘emo’. But now all the emos had become 'trans' and gender was the explanatory device par excellence for the new social media age.


There evolved a sort of hive-mind philosophy, which developed through collaborative storytelling and functioned as a form of group therapy. Crowdsourced ingredients were stewed together: a pinch of Butler here, a sprinkle of transsexual history there, plus much that was new.


Thousands of hours of video and blog content piled up, expounding upon how biological sex was a social construct, how gender was a fluid spectrum, but at the same time how “gender identity” was fixed and innate. Not even the term’s inventor believed this.


“It is a working term,” Robert Stoller said of his creation in 1968. “We need hardly insist on the holiness of the term “gender identity.”” Half a century later, gender identity had everywhere been pronounced holy, sanctified with legal sponsorship, draped in royal purple.


Originally a term to denote how a person constructs an alternate version of themselves counter to their biological sex, gender identity now became an entity awash in almost mystical, soul-like significance. Online, this soul-superstition took many comical detours.


By the mid-2010s, it escaped its microblogging cocoon and began to run rampant on the net. It rapidly spilled out into the wider world, onto university campuses and in the press, where it attracted all sorts of chancers and opportunists.


The first to clock this were the feminists. For decades, many had foreseen what it might mean to women if men were free to identify into the category of “woman.” Now they were starting to find out for real. Here’s @janeclarejones’ telling of it:


Activist outfits capitalised on this fallout and marched forth on the basis that ‘trans’ was the new Civil Rights Struggle™. But basic rights had been granted long ago. So in order for the trans campaign to maintain momentum, new 'rights' had to be invented.


Enter: “Self-ID” – the right for someone to declare themselves the opposite sex and have the state immediately recognise them on this basis. No one would take advantage of this absurdity, they said, it would literally never happen. Yet it did – repeatedly.


Massive amounts of funding came. Charities such as Stonewall in the UK pivoted entirely towards all things trans and found coffers flush with new money. Private foundations such as Arcus ploughed millions into trans activism. Celebrities lined up with their wallets open.


Tens of thousands of youngsters sought medical intervention. In the UK, 35 clinicians at Tavistock resigned over a 3 year period. The service was embroiled in a row over the affirmation protocol. A young woman, @KLBfax, later took a case to the High Court.


In America, the demolition of sex organs and the assault on the endocrine system was profitably rebranded as “healthcare.” Gender medicine was a blossoming enterprise; a nifty hustle for the pharma giants who supplied the narcotics necessary to sustain the gender simulation.


Forbes foresaw ‘trans-tech’ as an industry potentially worth “in excess of $200B.” Global Market Insights predicted that the transgender drugs and surgery market alone would be worth $1.5B by 2026. Identity became a commodity.


A string of start-ups began peddling their wares to depressed teens. Companies like Plume and Folx delivered hormones-on-demand, through smartphone apps. They charged $150 to forge medical letters for youngsters to access "life-saving surgery."


A trans activist junta, seeking to supplant the concept of sex in law and install gender identity in its place, had emerged on all fronts: in politics, online, in sports, bathrooms, and in schools. A tangled network of inputs had spawned a ‘lollapalooza effect.’


The most visible symbol of this was the Pronoun – suddenly now an emblem of Cross-like worship – an armband worn to signal allegiance to the gender identity doctrine. Gender became a core facet of the new “Woke” civil religion, and many were sucked into its vortex.


It found itself backed by the most powerful corporate behemoths. Governments began attempting to pass gender identity legislation. Certain figures who stood against this on free speech grounds, such as @jordanbpeterson, were catapulted to fame off the back of it.


Pronouns were tattooed into work email signatures, adorned on professional profiles on LinkedIn, used as moral decoration on social media – all to indicate that the adoptee was an 'affirmer.' Thus did they all support the administration of gender drugs and surgery to kids.


Most had no clue what they were supporting. They did it on the basis that they thought the trans movement was comparable to the struggle for gay rights. Eager not to find themselves on “the wrong side of history”, they feebly bent over to accommodate it.


Gay Rights history was rewritten to assert that "transwomen of colour" had been its leaders. Any historical figure that exhibited even a whisper of cross-sex behaviour – from Joan of Arc to the Roman emperor Heliogabalus – now retroactively became “trans.”


Some spoke out. When @MForstater was sacked from her job at a think tank for daring to air a basic fact, @jk_rowling leapt to her defence, raising concerns also about detransitioners. She was besmirched as a “TERF” but here the mob at last met someone they couldn’t cancel.


“Anti-trans zealots, know this: history will judge you!” – squealed the Savonarolas to their million-strong congregations. These “good people” had aligned themselves with a drive to deconstruct the bodies of children on the basis they were becoming their 'true self.’


There was nary an MRI scan in sight to prove they were ‘trans’, next-to-no psychiatric assessment, little exploration of separate contributing factors, and no analysis of comorbidities such as trauma, loneliness, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, or body dysmorphia.


Those who sought to explore comorbidities were denounced as ‘conversion therapists,’ booted out of their clinics (like @ZUCKERKJ), excoriated online and bombarded with abuse. Any who sought to dig deeper to a "root cause" were to be castigated.


For many who’d hopped on the transwagon in their youth, it was inevitable that regret would ensue. A wave of detransitioners that had managed to unplug themselves from the matrix gradually emerged, only to be lambasted as traitors and execrated as apostates...


The rise of transgenderism coincided with a mass media revolution and the global roll out of digital interconnectedness. Radical disquiet on the social and economic savannah had led to a breakdown of the symbols and meaning structures that once cemented peoples' identities.


From this maelstrom of confusion, cult formation was simply the easiest route out of nihilism. The kids of this decade rode its chaotic rapids, seeking refuge in the shelter of self-creation. They changed their names, adopted new pronouns, had their bodies regulated by drugs.


The "trans" experiment will be remembered as the great medical error of our era. When its history is written, it will not be seen as a liberation movement that threw off the shackles of sex, but as a quack derangement of the sort that surfaces every now and then in history.


It will rank alongside leucotomy, lobotomy, Lysenkoism, mercury peddling, thalidomide prescription, and eugenics. A movement that medicalised kids and young adults, enslaved their bodies to drugs, and lopped their sex organs off in the pursuit of profit.


Strike me dead, the track has vanished,

Well, what now? We’ve lost the way

Demons have bewitched our horses

Led us in the wilds astray.

This verse by Pushkin encapsulates our age.


Thank you for reading.

If you got this far please retweet the first tweet in the thread, and listen to the song, which was my attempt to condense all of this information.👇


The LYRICS along with other articles are on my Substack.

You can subscribe for free.


Finally – if you want to support @LeftAxisMusic and I in helping us to make more songs and videos, you can buy Clownfish here.


(End of Thread)

Thank you, Francis Aaron, for this in depth, fascinating and disturbing encapsulation of the “transgender” movement and its destructive effects on society and our children. We echo you in dispelling the myths and misconceptions being sold to a generation of young people- "human beings aren’t clownfish”.


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