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Human Beings are Indeed Not Clownfish

*Below we share a Twitter thread with the permission of its author, Francis Aaron.(@FrancisAaronUK)

In a recent Twitter thread, musician and writer of philosophy, political thought & “gender codswallop”, Francis Aaron artfully debunked the straw-grasping argument that humans can change sex. Radical “trans” activists and many of their allies have equated the chemical and surgical alteration of human bodies through “gender medicine” to the natural variations in some non-dimorphic species.

Aaron’s 50 part tweet, quoted below and packed with the knowledge and common sense assessments that inspired his indie hit “Clownfish”, skillfully pulls at the loose threads of “Gender Ideology”. He walks readers through a brilliant and cheer-worthy dismantling of the common arguments made by boisterous members of the “TQ” (trans/queer) community.

Neither the selective hermaphroditism of the clownfish nor the myriad of other arguments made in favor of "gender" medicine hold any water. Francis Aaron has compiled an astounding amount of shocking information and scandalous truth in a single Twitter thread.

We hope you enjoy this informative and impactful thread as much as we did:


This is a song about the transgender experiment on children. Over the past 10 years, thousands of kids have been plugged into a medical matrix, wherein they're administered chemical castration agents, cross-sex hormones, and plastic surgery.

[Watch on YouTube]

In Britain, a clinic was established in 1989 to treat children with “gender identity disorder”. The Gender Identity Development Service at Tavistock received 2 referrals in its first year. In 2009 it had 97 cases. By 2015 this increased to 1419, and by 2020 more than 2500.


In its first 2 decades, most referrals were male. But by 2016, the scales had tipped dramatically and three-quarters of referrals were girls. About half of those referred were shepherded into drug use. This pattern was replicated across the West. See @abigailshrier’s book.


In the US, referral data is scarce. But the rise in the amount of clinics providing “comprehensive transgender healthcare” is striking. Norman Spack opened a gender clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital in 2007. It was the first paediatric clinic of its kind in America.