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PEC News & Updates- December ‘22

It’s Bigger than Texas!

PEC is proud to announce our first event, and it’s a big one! Tickets are now on sale through our website for It’s Bigger Than Texas: Exposing the Gender Industry to America featuring an accomplished and insightful panel of experts from around the globe.

Join us on the evening of April 20, 2022 in Austin, Texas as our seasoned speakers draw illuminating lines through the history of the “transgender” movement, the harmful medical industry it abets and the socio-politiical landscape it has coercively cultivated. This will be a private event for ticketed guests only.

We look forward to welcoming attendees from across the political spectrum who are willing to put any differences aside to engage in dialogue together with others who care about this issue. We are headed to Austin because we support efforts by the Texas state government leadership to protect children, but this issue is #biggerthantexas.

Our amazing panel of experts includes:

Candice Jackson

Jennifer Lahl

Alix Aharon

Amy Sousa

Kay Yang

Chris Elston (Billboard Chris)

and more…

We invite you to come with curiosity & leave with courage! Please join us!

Saturday Night Live Streams on YouTube

We will be fundraising for “It’s Bigger Than Texas” through a series of live stream variety shows on our YouTube channel in the new year. Please subscribe to our channel HERE!

Join us and our lineup of incredible guests, including Barry Wall, Brandon Showalter, Alix Aharon and more as they hone in on a hot button issue within the wider topic of the gender industry. Take part in the live chat as these experts share their vast knowledge and enjoy performances from our musical guests along with a few surprise skits. While the topics we will discuss are serious, we aim to give you a few laughs. You’ll get to know the women behind PEC through these engaging and entertaining conversations. We *want* you to be there, but we also NEED your support during these livestreams.

We’re launching PEC’s Saturday Night Live Stream with “Drag Queen Story Hour” on January 14, 2022 at 8:00pm Central Time hosted by Amy Sousa, with a fundraising goal of $1,000 for this first show and an overall goal of $10,000 by the end of the series. You can watch each livestream via a link we’ll be sending out through email and social media.

We cannot do this without you so grab your popcorn and a beverage and help us reach our fundraising goals!

Affirmation Generation Documentary

“Affirmation Generation: The Lies of Transgender Medicine”, a riveting documentary brought to life by Vera Lindner and Panacol Productions, dives deeply into the atrocities practiced and promoted by the “transgender” medical industry and its coercive corporate counterpart.

Both heart wrenching and informative, the film unfolds from the stories of six young people who were wrongly convinced they were the opposite sex by a fallacious belief system and captured “professionals”, “treated” with powerful synthetic drugs and amputative surgeries, and abandoned by these same “professionals” upon releasing their damaging beliefs.

With an adept cast of experts, “Affirmation Generation” highlights the drivers of the “transgender” medical movement and educates viewers with the relevant facts and data that have been diligently collected by those working tirelessly to expose and deconstruct it.

Watch the trailer and learn more about this must see documentary here:

PEC’s Model Legislation & Support Efforts

Partners for Ethical Care has created a Model Legislation package, with the invaluable help of Katie, our summer intern. The Model Legislation is written in accurate language instead of introducing concepts and terms invented by the gender industry into legislation related to the de-sexing of children and youth.

Our legislation includes several bills designed to stop the medical abuse of minors and young adults, and assistance for patients in the event they detransition. If you would like access to the Model Legislation to introduce helpful statutes in your state, please contact us at

A Holiday Message from PEC

Holidays give us a chance to enjoy time with loved ones and reflect on all that we have to appreciate. So many parents and families we know feel the loss of their children to the gender industry during this holiday season, and we hold them in our hearts during this time. PEC is about making connections, so consider reaching out to individuals who have been impacted personally by this destructive industry and may be struggling emotionally during this period. We become stronger when we connect to each other as human beings, demonstrate care for others, and find points of agreement. Together, we have the power to overwhelm the world with the light of truth and the warmth of love.

New On the PEC Blog

Your donations make us cry–in a good way!

Each time we receive a donation, we feel an incredible sense of appreciation. It is truly humbling. We started this nonprofit organization two years ago as a group of volunteers who were compelled to act because of what we saw happening to children. Because of your donations–from a few dollars to many–we know that you have our backs. We know that we’re doing important and necessary work because you choose to entrust us with your money to further our mission. We feel your support for children and your support for our work protecting them from the gender industry. We feel stronger and more motivated each day because of your financial support.

We are preparing for what looks to be a record year of legislation on this issue in 2023, and we will continue to testify and support testimony in favor of bills to ensure ethical care for children by schools and mental and medical healthcare professionals. We will not stop supporting efforts of those harms by “gender medicine” to seek justice in the courts. Your donations to PEC make this work possible and move us closer to the fall of the gender industry. If you are able to give a donation at this time or would consider a monthly recurring donation of any amount, please visit our donation page. We are all unpaid volunteers at PEC, but the thank you postcards that we send, the website we offer, and travel to legislative hearings and events, all cost money. Fortunately, we have been able to pay necessary expenses, and we want to be able to continue doing that and take a step forward toward even greater work. We know that we can do that with your help. Thank you!

International Partners for Ethical Care is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization (EIN 85-3752787), and your donation may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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