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Peer-Led Sex Ed: Marketing Gender to Kids at School

GSA Clubs Are Boots-On-the-Ground For Gender Indoctrination

When David Henshaw learned that other teenagers taught his daughter about sex and gender at Yorktown High School, the Arlington Parent Coalition (APC) investigated and discovered that this 2017 event was only the tip of the iceberg. Not only are schools letting kids teach sex ed to other kids, it’s often taught outside the family life education program, including during at least one High Intensity Language Training class.

Intro to English, with a side of gender ideology in Spanish. Welcome to America.

Think this isn’t happening at your school? The National Education Association (NEA), America’s most powerful teacher union, says it should be.

The business world’s billion-dollar peer-to-peer sales model, which generated an industry of social media influencers, has been adopted by the NEA and renamed “peer-led sex ed.

“The learning dynamic changes when the person teaching you is just like you,” says Tom Galan, adviser for the [peer sex-ed] program at Passaic (NJ) High School. “The message may be the same, but the delivery is very, very different.”

Yes, it certainly is. It's called "peer pressure."

Peer-led sex ed “teachers” get their credentials simply by joining a GSA club. Called Gender & Sexuality Allies, Equality, or Spectrum clubs, GSAs are touted as support groups for LGB/TQ kids. Promoted and funded by the NEA, Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign, GSAs are actually boots-on-the-ground for indoctrinating kids into gender ideology.

Why are GSAs critical to organizations that profit from gender-confused kids? Because they leverage social manipulation strategies that multi-level marketing companies like Amway and LuLaRoe have harnessed for decades. Behavior, thought, information, & emotional controls bind members to the group and discourage critical thinking. GSAs lure vulnerable kids with the promise of instant community acceptance, while a flood of LGB/TQ curricula and policy paves the way for intense social pressure to align with the club’s dogma, fed to it by the gender industry.

According to the GSA Advisor Guide, GSAs also carry out activism. “An activist GSA… [educates] students, teachers, parents and community members... by changing school rules & policies, [and] training staff & students...”

In other words, kids aren’t just training other kids: they’re training adults too.

But what about state sex-ed guidelines? Like many states, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) requires that

“Individuals who teach [sex ed] must be trained in its content, teaching strategies, use of instructional materials, assessment methods, and ways to involve parents... ”

Following yet another parent’s report that kids were teaching sex and gender to kids, Virginia’s Arlington Parent Coalition confronted Washington-Liberty High School’s principal with VDOE requirements and received no coherent response.

The NEA is so committed to indoctrinating kids into gender ideology that it offers financial incentives for teachers and counselors who do so. Rebecca Friedrichs, a 28-year veteran teacher, describes NEA conferences promoting GSA formation. “If you agreed to start a [GSA]... you could get big money… You could also get money to push LGBT activism in the classroom.”

Helen Spielbauer (Iowa City, IA), parent of a transgender-identified teen, describes her family’s experience:

“The club gives kids a sense of belonging and puts them in the cool group. My nephew started attending his school’s Spectrum Club, and found a place where he fit in. He was heavily influenced by his peers. He also started experiencing feelings of gender dysphoria. What are the odds that both my daughter and nephew are trans? I started a list of all the trans-identified kids I met in my community. It’s up to 35.”

That the explosion of transgender-identified children is at least partially a result of social contagion is well-documented. Overwhelmingly, kids who announce a non-binary identity do so after joining a GSA and immersing themselves in social media groups where the ideology is disseminated and promoted.

The NEA and its partners have strategically leveraged cult-like techniques used by multi-level marketing organizations and peer-to-peer sales models to build in-school gender indoctrination machines. But why?

Early sexualization and gender confusion of children (grooming) leads to more and earlier sexual activity and more business for organizations which profit from sex and gender, such as pornography, sex trafficking, and abortion services. The burgeoning population of teens who attempt to transition sexes also embark on life-long regimens of surgeries and drug therapies, a billion-dollar boon to pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic surgeons.

Our public education system should be a gatekeeper protecting children from malefactors. But schools that employ peer-led sex ed are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Not only do they disregard parents’ rights and authority over their kids’ unfolding understanding of themselves and of their relationships with others, but they hand sex education over to profiteers who abuse our future leaders, pre-K through high school.

Parents must intervene where schools promote exploitive sex and gender indoctrination, as David Henshaw did, and put a stop to unsound, unhealthy, and irresponsible peer-led sex ed.

Maria Keffler is a partner at Partners for Ethical Care. She lives in Arlington, VA. Contact Ms Keffler at

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