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Trans-Identified Male Who Worked in the Knesset Disparages Woman & Approves of Rape Joke

UPDATE (March 20, 2021) 2:05pm: Linor Abergel is no longer with Yesh Atid Party, however, we understand that he is in talks with several other parties in Israel so we must keep this message alive. Thank you to all who shared this story and demanded justice and protection for women. -- Partners for Ethical Care


Partners for Ethical Care is shocked and dismayed that Linor Abergel, a trans-identified male who was employed by Israel’s Yesh Atid party, is still affiliated and endorsed by the party after unacceptable online behavior.

In August 2020, Abergel became the first male who says he is transgender to work in the Knesset, when he was named adviser for transgender community affairs in the office of MK Idan Roll of the Yesh Atid party. He officially worked as an advisor for the transgender community in the office of MK Idan Roll.

Abergel responded in an incredibly disturbing manner to Alix Aharon’s comments in a “feminist discourse,” about men being allowed access to women’s prisons. Abergel stated:

  • Women like this can't hold a flag or fight for humanity.

  • Women like this existed in Nazism and the Ku Klux Klan.

  • Feminism is equal rights for women, not at the expense of the murder of trans women and suicide of transgenders.

  • When I read such dark comments, I fear the day that such feminist women will get real power.

In addition, he liked another man’s comment:

  • 'These are bitter women, that I wouldn't even touch in a gang rape. I knew some women who were like this, I like being cruel to them, they stay silent like frightened women the moment I switch to my "psychotic mode"'

Abergel also doxxed Aharon, by taking a screenshot of her name and sharing it with his followers. This action put Aharon, a woman fighting to protect women from male violence, at risk from Abergel’s supporters, who use misogynistic and violent language to discuss women.

It is alarming that someone who was employed by Yesh Atid has the audacity to make light of a woman being gang-raped. The situation is even more horrific when one considers that Abergel evidently approves of such misogynistic and antagonistic jokes

This individual was supported by the Yesh Atid party who could conceivably win an upcoming election, putting Alix and all other women in danger with attitudes supporting men in women’s prisons and apparent misogynistic and violent language as an appropriate response to strong women who disagree with men.

Rape and violence against women are at the forefront of concern for all females in Israel, and around the world. As a male, Linor was clearly not socialized into the fear and reality of male violence, nor does he have any understanding of its horrors. It is despicable that the Yesh Atid party could have ever employed such a person.


Partners for Ethical Care works to end the unethical medicalization of children by the gender industry. Contact Partners for Ethical Care at

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