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A Pervasive Ideology is Burning the Bridges of Language

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The “trans” movement has made cognitive dissonance its brand, beating us to submit to its inherent contradictions. Like the “love is hate” and “freedom is slavery” mantras from Orwell’s 1984, the trans movement has its own oxymoronic mantras: “trans girls are girls” and “trans boys are boys.” Coercive language control is the tool of choice of the trans movement, and with good reason. Language is not merely a creation of the human mind. Language creates the internal structure of the mind and influences the way we perceive reality. Words change the way we see and interact with the world.

Language allows us to exchange information, but language also serves as a mechanism of communication within a single mind. Consider what happens as the mind develops. A child’s brain begins as a series of islands that perceive different things. Imagine each word as an island, and phrases create the internal connection. The island of “trans” stands alone and next to it floats the island of “girl.” On their own these conceptual islands may have definitions, but what happens in the mind of an individual when they are connected by phraseology? We build the rickety bridge of “are,” and we get “trans girls are girls.” Suddenly, the island of “girl,” which once meant “female child,” means something else entirely; it means that males are now included in our definition of “girl.” The bridge connecting “trans” and “girl” requires a total dismantling of coherent meaning to remain intact. Its structural integrity requires an individual to abandon their former understanding of the world as they know it to make the connection possible. If “trans girls are girls,” then “girl” no longer means “female child.”

In this particular political moment, individuals are choosing to ignore this apparently bigoted contradiction and repeat their mantras like good little adherents. As explored previously in “The Stress of Cognitive Dissonance Motivates the Trans Community to Mutilate Children,” there are several possible responses to cognitive dissonance. To be a good adherent in the trans movement, you must downplay the profundity of the contradiction to remain in good favor. As you repeat the mantra, the bridges in your mind that connect contradictory concepts remain structurally unsound, on the verge of collapse, yet your ability to see their fragility fades.

There are those who have integrated contradiction and confusion so thoroughly in their own minds that they truly believe that they cannot tell a man from a woman by physical traits alone. They truly believe that every person must be asked their pronouns in order for us to know. That level of delude is the consequence of a failure to take stock of the infrastructure in one’s own mind. Don’t make that mistake. Words and concepts require clear, exclusionary definitions to have meaning that can be communicated in language. Coherent definitions make communication through language possible. Take stock of your concepts, remove the broken bridges, and rest in the clarity of mind that only stability and truth can bring.


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