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PEC News & Updates- August/September ‘22

The Women of PEC Share Their Stories

Partners for Ethical Care was built and is mindfully maintained by mothers who care about the health and safety of not only our own children, but of all children. Over the past months a couple of these mothers have been quite busy sharing their stories of the chaos caused by ‘Gender Ideology’, along with the valuable knowledge they’ve gained from living them, all the way to mainstream media. We are so proud of Jeannette and Jennifer for continuing to raise awareness on an issue that is affecting so many children and their families.

Jeannette’s Media Coverage:

Jeannette, a founding member and board member of PEC, recently shared the heartbreaking story of her daughter’s indoctrination into ‘Gender Ideology’ and her tragic loss of custody as its result. Below you’ll find links to the media coverage that exploded after her story was thoughtfully and beautifully covered by Kelsey Bolar of Independent Women’s Forum.

Original documentary and story by Kelsey Bolar of Independent Women’s Forum:

Commentary on IWF story/documentary on the Daily

Matt Walsh of the Matt Walsh Show on YouTube talks about the injustice Jeannette and her daughter have suffered

(Starting at 7:10)

Ben Sapiro of the Ben Shapiro Show on YouTube speaks about Jeannette and her daughter

Chicago’s Morning Answer AM560

(Starting at 34:45 but worth listening to the entire episode)

Chicago’s Morning Answer AM560- Jeannette’s interview with Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson

Independent Women’s Forum’s “Identity Crisis” series, joined by “John Bachman Now” of Newsmax

Relatable Podcast with Allie Beth Stuckey (on YouTube)

Jeannette’s Interview, “Jeannette Cooper & The Psychology of Transgenderism”, with Ben Domenech for his Podcast on Fox News Radio (click the link and scroll down through the episodes to find it)

Jennifer’s Media Coverage:

Jennifer, also a founding and board member of Partners for Ethical Care, has been speaking out on behalf of parents whose children have been caught up in ‘Gender Ideology’, parents who know their own children and believe that the socially promoted blind ‘affirmation’ can cause harm to children and families. You can access the media coverage through which Jennifer has amplified her voice below.

Kelsey Bolar’s excellent documentary on Jennifer’s story for Independent Women’s Forum

She Thinks Podcast with Beverly Hallberg on (Independent Women’s Forum)

Interview with Benjamin Boyce for his popular show ‘Calmversations’ on YouTube and in Podcast format

Interview on the Main Source of Truth Podcast on Spotify

The StoicMom Project on

Mother’s Intuition in Detransition with Amy Sousa, The Known Heretic (on YouTube)

Whose Body Is It? Interview on Youtube

Also, Right Now’s Gareth Icke speaks to Jeannette and Jennifer of ‘Partners for ethical care’. An organization set up to stop the unethical treatment of children, under the banner of ‘gender identity’.

(starting at 2:25)

A huge thank you to both Jennifer and Jeannette for reliving the heartache of their experiences with their daughters in order to better inform the public and help parents who are currently struggling with their own children’s attachment to ‘Gender Ideology’. We applaud you both!

Jennifer’s Dr. Phil Appearance

PEC’s accidental activist warrior mom, Jennifer, recently appeared on Prime Time’s Dr. Phil to share with the world what is really going on in schools across the country and beyond. The show, appropriately titled “Inclusivity or Indoctrination? What’s Happening in Schools Today?”, focused on the covert social transitioning of her daughter by a school-affiliated therapist and her then eleven-year-old’s male teacher. Jennifer told the world about her daughter’s school secretly ‘socially transitioning’ her and facilitating the option for her to stay overnight in the boys’ cabin for a school trip, one that thankfully didn’t end up happening. Jennifer’s story is just one example of the extreme overreach some schools have undertaken when they learn that a child has adopted a ‘gender identity’, which is happening en masse and in many areas.

While the debate about the extent that school personnel should be secretly involved in the "affirmation" of a child’s confusion over his or her sex was relatively balanced, some unsubstantiated statements made in the opening montage were left unaddressed. Without citing any particular evidence, the claim was made that “transgender” students face “a lot of bullying.” More concerning, was a clip of a self-proclaimed "trans ally" making the unchallenged statement, “It’s a matter of life and death for ‘trans’ students, there’s a lot of studies that indicate that when chosen names and pronouns are used, suicide attempts and self-harm decrease.” This is simply not true.

The casual repetition of false information without reliable evidence leads to dangerous tropes becoming “common knowledge.” The fact is that suicide attempts and sadly, completed suicide, are NOT prevented by social transition or affirmation of "gender", and certainly not by medical transition; in fact, we know that untimely death by all causes, including as suicide and mental illness, are statistically more likely post-medical intervention, which Dr. Phil did mention later on in the episode.

As Jennifer divulged the details of her daughter’s brush with school sanctioned ‘Gender Ideology’ Dr. Phil asked her, rhetorically, if she had ostracized her daughter for experimenting with her identity, kicked her out or anything like that, tagging on a comment about how “that happens a lot.” Jennifer’s quick response, “Does it?”, was met with a bit of scrambling on Dr. Phil’s part to produce the argument that the percentage of "trans kids" who end up on the street is “way more” implying that their homelessness is a result of parents who “don’t react to it well.” When Jennifer responded, “I’d like to debate that,” Dr. Phil quickly brought the conversation back to Jennifer’s experience with the school, suggesting along the way that teachers may sometimes be justified in hiding "gender identities" from parents to save kids from ending up homeless.

There are reasons that some young people who adopt "gender identities" do indeed wind up on the street or in foster care, but it is not generally because their parents force them out, as Tina Traster explains in this article debunking the myth of widespread parental rejection. Sadly, this situation often unfolds because of a running narrative, perpetuated by social media, mainstream media and even the President, that tells kids that if their parents don’t “affirm” them without question, the parents do not accept or fully love their child. Coined “Glitter Moms” and “Glitter Families,” adult strangers outside of the home often use YouTube, TikTok and Reddit to further draw children toward a mindset that pits them firmly against their parents, often convincing kids that they should leave their homes to find a more “supportive” family somewhere else. Some of these predatory adults actively lure kids from their loving families with the promise of total “affirmation” and assistance in pursuing their coveted medical transitions. Youths are tragically and more frequently leaving their homes, not because of abuse or rejection by parents, but simply because their parents are holding healthy boundaries for their children, which includes not subscribing to “Gender Ideology” and the practices and protocols it demands from them.

As the conversation carried on, guest psychiatrist Yalda Safai rather boldly professed, though she had no acquaintance whatsoever of either Jennifer or her daughter, that “If the child could have gone to the parents they would have.” Guest panelist Asra Nomani, of Independent Women’s Network, interjected and challenged this notion, speaking eloquently to the fact that student success is strongly tied to parent involvement. Dr. Safai passionately claimed that she had every right to conceal the information that is shared with her by patients from their parents, even by five-year-old children, out of respect for doctor-patient confidentiality. Dr. Phil vehemently disagreed, saying “that’s just simply not correct, you don’t have a doctor-patient confidentiality bond with a five-year-old child.” He pointed out the absurdity in Safai’s claim by asking her, “How many five-year-old children pick up the phone and call and make an appointment with you?” When challenged with factual information, as is often the case with those most actively pushing the “trans” agenda, Safai had little to say.

Later in the show, Jennifer highlighted the deep mother-daughter bond she and her child have, even after the school’s attempt to alienate her daughter from her loving parents, explaining how they have since spoken openly about her daughter’s adverse experience with “gender ideology” and the school’s hefty role in intensifying it. Through one of those conversations, Jennifer learned that her daughter had not even wanted to stay in the boys’ cabin for the overnight field trip, but that her adult male teacher had volunteered the idea. Jennifer’s daughter confessed that she had been willing to skip the trip entirely, so she didn’t have to commit to staying in the boys’ cabin; she had wanted to stay with her friends, the girls, instead. When pressured into making that choice by an adult male authority figure, the 11-year-old girl had felt she had to say yes- considering she had already said she was a boy. “But she didn’t feel comfortable saying that to her teacher, she didn’t trust him enough,” Jennifer revealed, stating that though the teacher may have meant well he was leading her daughter in a particular direction- a problematic tactic that should raise a red flag regarding any teacher who attempts to make decisions for a child without parental involvement.

Toward the end of the episode, Jennifer spoke about removing her daughter from the school and limiting the online and social influences that had clearly drawn her toward a “trans identity” in the first place. She spoke about her daughter slowly returning to a full acceptance of herself as a girl, a girl who is now no longer perpetually troubled, and is thriving. This too is a story so often not told (and when told, is actively suppressed by a dominant all-affirming media). The President of the United States recently announced, “to parents of transgender children, affirming your child’s identity is one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe and healthy,” with no support whatsoever for this unusual Presidential assertion. One only has to look around to see the obvious decrease in health, both mental and physical, and the imminent safety risks to “trans” identifying young people.

Despite Jennifer’s proof that approaching this rampant situation with caution and a critical eye does allow children to release these "identities", Dr. Phil encouraged her to "let her [daughter] find her own way" and suggested that her desistance from her male "identity" may not be permanent with the assumptive statement, “this last chapter hasn’t been written.” If he, the school or anyone else is willing to support a child’s socially contagious, aggressively spotlighted “trans identity” they should equally affirm a child’s return to comfort with and acceptance of their sex.

Assumingly, Dr. Phil was to remain neutral, careful not to appear biased one way or the other, but he did seem to be firmly against this new and all too common practice of teachers and other school representatives actively hiding information from parents. And Jennifer gave a much needed voice to parents everywhere who are being preemptively characterized as "unsafe" and outrightly lied to by school officials when their children adopt socially contagious "gender identities". We are very proud of her for her bravery in sharing the details of what was most likely the scariest and most challenging parenting feat she will face. Jennifer’s daughter, as mentioned in the episode but somehow minimized although it is of huge importance to the story, has released her attachment to the idea of being a boy for good.

(Part Two of Dr. Phil’s “Inclusivity or Indoctrination? What’s Happening in Schools Today?” has yet to air.)

PEC’s Heartfelt Thank You Notes

PEC now has a volunteer solely dedicated to handwriting thank you notes to individuals and groups who have courageously stood up for the protection of children against the harms of “gender identity,” and she could use your help. Our philosophy is to recognize and appreciate positive actions happening across the world. We think it’s important to communicate our support to ensure that these determined voices are given strength to continue and also encourage others to join with them. Please send us a message to let us know who deserves a thank you note and why. Thank you!

A Big Thank You to Our Donors

Every time we receive a notification that we received a donation, we are amazed and humbled. Many hands make light work, and together as donors to Partners for Ethical Care, you are making the work of our mission possible. With monthly recurring donations that range from $5-100, we are able to cover the cost of our website. We’re on the cusp of being able to also pay for the LiveChat feature on the site. This website feature helps us interact with visitors in real-time on our site, giving immediate response to people across the world seeking resources about the issue of “gender identity” and children.

If you are able to give a donation at this time or would consider a monthly recurring donation of any amount, please visit our donation page. We are all unpaid volunteers at PEC, but the thank you postcards that we send, website we offer, and travel to legislative hearings and events, all cost money. Fortunately, we have been able to pay necessary expenses, and we want to be able to continue doing that and take a step forward toward even greater work. We know that we can do that with your help. Thank you!

International Partners for Ethical Care is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization (EIN 85-3752787), and your donation may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

New On the Blog

The Witness Podcast

The Witness Podcast will return in October with more stories from the hearts of parents and people affected by "Gender Ideology" and the "Gender Industry". Feel free to listen to previous episodes here: Podcast | Partners for Ethical (

Thank you for listening to The Witness!

Happy Fall everyone!


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