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PEC News & Updates- August/September ‘22

The Women of PEC Share Their Stories

Partners for Ethical Care was built and is mindfully maintained by mothers who care about the health and safety of not only our own children, but of all children. Over the past months a couple of these mothers have been quite busy sharing their stories of the chaos caused by ‘Gender Ideology’, along with the valuable knowledge they’ve gained from living them, all the way to mainstream media. We are so proud of Jeannette and Jennifer for continuing to raise awareness on an issue that is affecting so many children and their families.

Jeannette’s Media Coverage:

Jeannette, a founding member and board member of PEC, recently shared the heartbreaking story of her daughter’s indoctrination into ‘Gender Ideology’ and her tragic loss of custody as its result. Below you’ll find links to the media coverage that exploded after her story was thoughtfully and beautifully covered by Kelsey Bolar of Independent Women’s Forum.

Original documentary and story by Kelsey Bolar of Independent Women’s Forum:

Chicago Mother Loses Custody of Her Daughter- For Insisting That Her Daughter Is a Girl

Commentary on IWF story/documentary on the Daily

How Gender Ideology Cost a Chicago Mother Custody of Her Child (

Matt Walsh of the Matt Walsh Show on YouTube talks about the injustice Jeannette and her daughter have suffered

(Starting at 7:10)

The Matt Walsh Show- When Parents Lose Custody For Refusing to Trans Their Kids

Ben Sapiro of the Ben Shapiro Show on YouTube speaks about Jeannette and her daughter

The Ben Shapiro Show- The Left Wants To Raise Your Children