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PEC News & Updates: February 2023

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

WATCH: Saturday Night LIVEstream

This Saturday night (Feb 4th) at 8pm Central we will be LIVE with our second installment of our Saturday Night LIVEstream! This month’s topic is Marketing “Trans” and will be hosted by the incredible K. Yang, (The Deprogrammer XX) with special guests Gaye Chapman. Amy Sousa & Alix Aharon and with musical guest, Francis Aaron.

During each of our four 1.5-hour Saturday Night LIVEstream events (Jan 15, Feb 4, Mar 4, Mar 25), Jeannette will be shamelessly asking for donations to bring our expert panelists, including Jennifer Lahl, Miriam Grossman, K. Yang, Amy Sousa, Brandon Showalter, Candice Jackson, and Alix Aharon, to Austin for the #biggerthantexas event on April 20.


WATCH: Q & A with Jeannette on our YouTube Channel

For your entertainment, PEC Treasurer and Comic Relief Representative Jeannette Cooper sits down for 20+ short Q & A sessions with everyone from concerned moms to a few of the Expert Panelists for our upcoming event in Austin, Texas. And, yes, Jeannette will be shamelessly asking for your donations throughout the series so that we can buy our panelists and plane tickets instead of a good pair of walking shoes! Thank you for watching and we apologize in advance for unleashing Jeannette on the general public.

(CLICK BELOW to watch a 36 second video that will make you chuckle.)

Keep checking in to watch Jeannette’s upcoming Q & A sit down with her actual mom and with a few more of our amazing panelists for our event in Texas! We hope you have as much fun watching our short, entertaining and hopefully donation-inspiring videos as much as we did in making them!

Find all of our new content here:


READ: A Message from our Treasurer

"If we don’t raise enough money for flights, we’re just going to buy each panelist new walking shoes, an umbrella, and a PEC logo backpack to carry snacks for their trek to Texas in April. Y'all need to raise at least $1000 this Saturday. I think you can do it. Gosh, I hope so."

No one wants to hear Jeannette drone on and on about how you should be tucking money into PEC’s belt instead of in the spandex of a drag queen at your local library. Donate now, and we may be lucky enough to eliminate her fundraising appeals from the whole show.


Join Us in Our Legislative Efforts

We are preparing for what looks to be a record year of legislation on this issue in 2023. We can help you become part of this necessary push back against the gender industry. We are all about making connections, so please reach out to us to find out how to become involved in legislative efforts in your area. Tracking 50 states and countries across the world is not easy, but it's necessary work to make lasting change to keep children safe.

We will continue to testify and support testimony in favor of bills to ensure ethical care for children by schools and mental and medical healthcare professionals. We will not stop supporting efforts of those harms by “gender medicine” to seek justice in the courts.

We hope you will join us!

A Heartfelt Message to our Donors

At the onset of each year, we make a point to reach out to our donors with a heartfelt letter of appreciation for the invaluable role they play in our organization and our mission. We want you all to know what we are doing with their generous donations and just how much we appreciate each and every one of you who supports us in this way.

Here are some excerpts from our letter of appreciation for all who helped fund our efforts to help children in 2022.

“We want to share with you how we have been spending the money that you have so generously shared with our organization and how it has advanced our mission. During our second full year of work on the issue of advocating for ethical care for children, we connected with countless formal organizations, informal groups, and individuals working to expose the harm of the 'gender identity affirmation' model. We were invited to

speak and raise awareness both indoors and on the streets at numerous events across the world and traveled to audiences in Israel, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Madison WI, and Anaheim CA. Our volunteers testified in hearings and met with legislators in-person in Louisiana, Ohio, and Florida, and we are proud to be doing our part to compel government branches to ensure ethical care for children and prohibit the harm that has gone unrestrained for far too long.

“We intended to keep this annual letter on one page, but it just was not possible with the number of accomplishments we have feel compelled to report to you from our work in 2022. We are deeply appreciative that you were one of our 142 donors in 2022, and we could not have done this without you. We are honored to be part of the movement that will bring an end to the gender industry that is irreversibly harming children. We have big plans for 2023, including a postcard mailing campaign to bring awareness to school counselors and a social medial campaign to support efforts to get justice for those harmed by the gender industry. Because you have demonstrated your confidence in us, we are able to make plans knowing that you will be there for us.

“As we begin 2023, we are so grateful to have your support as we continue working toward an end of the gender industry’s hold on the hearts, minds, and bodies of children.


Partners for Ethical Care”


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International Partners for Ethical Care is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization (EIN 85-3752787), and your donation may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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